Holla out to pumpkin ladies one and two.

I could talk about Kankri’s political convictions for hours. 

If only someone would listen. 

Smooches you with my meme face right on your forehead.


I just need 10 more followers until i have 900. Please help me. Please.

Follow them. 


i’m not messin around

The operation was a success. I am now your melon queen.

Just wanted to let you know that you are a very, very cute person and the sweater dress looks very flattering on you. Also, I suggest either black or gray leggings if the weather is chilly. Fashionable and warm, the best combination.

oh spot on fashion advice, thank you. The weather is middling cool. I’m going out to dinner with my mum and sisters tonight and my little sister wants me to drink hahah peer pressure. I think I may indulge. 

My sister gave me this sweater dress that she ordered. Twas the wrong size and she thought I’d like it. I dooooo.

Oh but I am cruel to them. Whenever my Kankri meets other Kankri’s he barely disguises his disgust. 

I’m the Kankri without the lines marking speech. 

A Modest Proposal

A modern mockumentary of Jonathon Swift’s essay ‘A Modest Proposal’.