so i saw this post and i had to draw it out


Roxy’s “Kankri’s Vines” are the best. The end.

Kankri's vine no 10: -titled- Democracy.
Kankri: So we should take a vote on this one.
Kankri: Yay or nay?
Horuss: Neigh.
Kankri: -stares at camera-
Kankri's vine no 9: -titled- Social Experiment.
Kankri: -wearing blue sweater. Standing close to Aranea-
Aranea: Kankri, you-
Kankri: Are you uncomfortable yet?
Kankri's vine no 8: titled -Language lessons-
Kankri: So how do you say "thank you"?
Damara: "Fook you".
Later with Porrim.
Kankri: "Fook you" Porrim.
Porrim: ....
Kankri: Run... RUN! -runs away screaming-
Kankri's vine no 7: -titled- Get rich quick.
Kankri: -puts in earplugs and shows camera-
Kankri: -walks up to Aranea's exposition booth-
Two hours later.
Kankri: -holding a stack of boonbucks- So I just got paid to nap standing up.

That’s a fair thing to say.

I suppose it fills a need for those who view it as a need.

For those who don’t view it as a need it becomes rather puzzling.

It’s very interesting.

This is strange. Now instead of powdering your nose you can obsessively shave off your body hair wherever you go. Fascinating.

Wow. Those vines of mine got really popular overnight. Maybe I should act them out. Make a vine for Kankri and legit act them out. It could be funny.

Kankri's vine no 6: -titled- Rack.
Kankri: Its not horn size that counts.
Kankri: Its how you use them.
Rufioh: -candid shot of him walking through a doorway and smacking his horns against the frame. muffled chuckling from behind camera-