Meh I’ll just post the link here.

Beforan Book Club, as organised by Kankri. 

Topic of the week: Sherlock Hives novels and the adaptations and influences that made the novels famous. 

Rules: No doubles, no gender bends, lets stay nice and canon, and lets at least pretend to get along and stay on topic. I know we won’t, but who doesn’t love a good bit of pretense. 

If you know any good beforan rpers who don’t have characters in the room already, you should invite them in. Kankri is taken, possibly Porrim and Aranea too. 

I am making a charat group chat for beforan and deceased trolls. The topic of the book club is Sherlock Hives novels, and the assumed knowledge is that you can talk about Sherlock Hives and its many adaptations and formative works. Kankri is hosting, hopefully we won’t knock any tables over. Any beforan rpers taking an interest should reply to this post. Additionally, if you don’t do beforan trolls, but are playing a dead alternian and are able to have flipped through Sherlock Hives before arriving, and can point out the cultural differences with the novel, and Alternian law, please do so. 



Thank you.


Its a facebook group for australian homestucks

i’m already in two homestuck fb groups, and i don’t contribute all that much. i went to some chalkstuck meetings, but i am not close enough to brisbane (i think thats why its called that???) to join. 

Are you in the brisburb group?

no? what is that? (it sounds political)